Quest Tackle is a new brand of carp fishing tackle that was founded in June 2016.

Before Quest Tackle was founded we had been trading online for over 6 years on eBay, Amazon and online websites and therefore are extremely experienced in finding high quality products, testing samples and putting them to market for sale and that’s led to us completing over 150,000 sales. Over the years we have earned top rated seller status on ebay with gold power seller status.

After all our success selling items online we felt it was the right time to sell something that we are really passionate about. We are massive carp anglers and have been since 1995. We will put all of our knowledge, skills and abilities to providing a new brand of fishing tackle that is affordable and similar to that of the big brands.

We manufacture our products in many of the same factories as, lets say, more established famous brands . Ours have all the benefits but without the massive prices.

You may say to yourself that because our prices are more affordable, the product must be lower quality, WRONG! We like to think that our items have great value and therefore you get much more for every £1 you spend with us when compared to the big named brands.

How do we do it?
– Years of experience importing from abroad and therefore getting the best prices possible.
– Limited overhead costs. We do not have a physical shop, just warehouse space so the savings are passed onto the customer.
– The item comes straight from us and then straight to you, so no middlemen/shop owners taking a cut.
– No sponsorship’s being paid to professional anglers and therefore saving considerable cost.
– No large advertising campaigns like the big brands, saving even more cost.
– We have developed a back end warehouse system that can process an order in minutes and get it out with the limited amount of staff – hence saving significant money.
– We do not have any agents or retailers taking a cut. We sell directly to you the customer, passing ALL the savings on.

All the above makes massive savings for the customer and to top it off, we sell at a lower profit margin to save even more cost and therefore sell more units. We would rather sell more at a lower profit and please many more buyers, instead of less sales and bigger profits.

Quest is continually trying to improve its service so all feedback is welcome.

Since we opened in June 2016 we have sold 1000’s carp fishing items with great feedback received so far, please check our Facebook page for details.

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Matt Hewitt
Founder / Managing Director

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Annie Rose Mason
Public Relations / Customer Services