Quest Brolly System MK1 & Unique Overwrap


New for 2018 the Quest Brolly System with a revolutionary peaked design unlike no other brolly available. The brolly can be erected rapidly with the minimum of effort as two of the four supplied banks stick come pre-fitted saving more time when setting up. It has an ingenious footprint, which maximises internal space for the session angler, without it taking up unnecessary room in the swim. Constructed from high quality 210D Oxford Nylon in 5000HH and double taped seams ensure you stay dry what ever the weather. Front mozzie panels and rear vents provide much-needed ventilation throughout the warmer months. The brollys front can be fully clipped back making it open fronted, full letterbox opening and much more!

The Quest Brolly system has an optional overwrap available which has a special unique design. The design of the wrap ensures that it does not touch the fabric of the brolly which massively helps stop condensations and helps heat retention.

Brolly systems over the years just have a standard style wrap which would always touch the brolly, but not anymore!!

Have all the benefits of a full bivvy system with all the added benefits of a brolly!