NEW Quest Trilogy Pod


Our new pod is miles more than just a pod. It’s based around 9 single 16mm adjustable banksticks, which you can use individually should you wish to spread your rods. They come in 3 different sizes meaning you can have your rods really low or high depending on the fishing situation or preference.

The banksticks can be secured into a base buzz bar to give you perfectly parallel, 3 rod front and back which drive into the ground with one adjustable pin to provide a totally flexible 3 rod set up.

Finally, those front and back units can be connected by an adjustable centre pod crossbar to give you a solid, totally adjustable, go-anywhere pod that can be used on hard ground and platforms.

The Pod is manufactured from light, exceptionally durable, silk black anodized aluminium and in its own high quality carry bag.

NOTE: If ordering with coloured screws (blue, green, red or purple), they will be sent separately via Royal Mail 1st class. You will receive the pod with black screws via DHL and the coloured will arrive by RM. This means you will have the option for both black and extra colour of your choice.